A Stroller Run "Just for Fun" at the Vancouver Big Bunny Run

Running Tours Inc. events are always a lot of fun for my little one and I, and this one was no exception. I had originally planned on racing the 5k and attempt to win it. However, I had not had the chance to train when visiting family in Europe, so I chose to bring my little one along for a ride in the jogging stroller.


After finding parking near the Jericho Sailing Club, I walked around to look for the the starting area. Some volunteers pointed me towards it and as I walked towards the beach I let the music guide my way. The area looked like someone was having a bunny-themed birthday in the park. Family-friendly party music was playing, kids were running around, people wearing bunny ears, children petting dogs, parents pushing strollers around and a table where kids could colour their bib. I also recognized many familiar faces, some in great running costumes.

After picking up my bib and ears and socializing with running friends, I moved towards the start line in anticipation for the themed group warm up: one my favourite parts of doing Running Tour events! The warm up was led by the race director himself dressed in a fuzzy pink bunny costume. He had some kid-friendly music playing in the background and encouraged all the kids to come to the front of the crowd. They all looked pretty excited about the warm up and their joy ended up being quite contagious.
Many adults, myself included, did the bunny hops, carrot picking and dropping, and more. 
The Race
My plan for this race was to follow the example of the turtoise over the hare: slow and steady shall win the fun race. I pushed the stroller just fast enough for my little one to feel entertained and even took a few walking breaks. Those could not be too long because my girl would quickly start whining out of boredom. The volunteers on course and other runners were very supportive and my girl and I loved getting cheered on and getting high fives!

As we got to a downhill section of the race, I started to hear the sound of stroller wheels behind me. “Nice a fellow stroller runner to run with!”, I first thought. As she started gaining ground and, after the 3k marker, passed me, this thought was quickly replaced by. “This is a stroller running race now! You gotta try to stick with her!” So we ended up pushing eachother to run at a faster pace. Breathing hard and alternatively taking the lead on the path.

With less than a km to go she was in the lead, but I was not feeling as tired as expected and my girl started mumbling some words in a grumpy tone. I slowed down to check on her, tried to see if she wanted something, but then she seemed even more upset. So I sped up. A lot. It seemed to be what she wanted me to do as I heard some giggles. By the time the finish line was within view, the other stroller pushed and I were exactly next to each other and it got the announcer, some spectators and my friend Shannon quite excited! All started to shout very loudly. We gathered all the energy we had for a strong finishing sprint. I ended up winning by less than a second. We then walked to the side of the road and after catching our breath started chatting. Her little one was still sleeping! Mine had a big smile on her face. She told that she definitely had not planned on running that race so fast. I said it was the same. We both ended up pushing eachother to run as hard as we could and felt great for having done so after.

Post-Race Fun

My little girl was now all pumped up and excited and asked to get out of the stroller to do some running herself. I went to chat with Shannon who, I found out, had just run the 5k race overall as her daughter cheered her on. I was impressed and inspired. I really hope to be able to make my daughter proud like that in the future. 
I then went to pick up the super cute finisher medal, some post- run drinks and snacks, and checked out the expo. The egg hunt was officially over as it was set to be at the time of the kids run, but the super sweet race volunteer coordinator hid a few eggs just for my girl to look for them. She did not really understand she was supposed to put them in her basket and ended up throwing every egg she would find away while shouting “goal!”

Want to Join Us for the Next Fun Run?

Running Tours Inc. organizes a series of 4 races to keep the fun going all year long. The Big Easter Run is their first race of the year and it is followedby the Big Fiesta Run in May, and the Big Superhero Run in August, and the Big Elf Run in December. At just $15 for the basic registration, it is some amazing value. You can use the code KARIN10 for an extra 10% off your registration and, if you choose to get one, registration medal and fun pack.