West Van Run Contest


Last week, I volunteered for the West Van Run: a race I consider key to building a vibrant running community here on the North Shore. After months of meetings with the rest of the West Van Run organizing committee, distributing discount cards at races in the Lower Mainland, sending emails to key community members on the North Shore, recruiting elite runners, answering questions by emails, offering free training session to registered runners etc., it was great to see that the 2015 edition of the Run was so popular.  Over 1,000 people registered: even more than the organizer himself even expected.  I will double-check this fact, but it seems that the West Van Run was the biggest 5k and 10k road race on the North Shore.
On race day, I was assigned the role of race-day bib and package pickup volunteer.  With so many people coming to pick up their bibs just before the race, we felt a bit overwhelmed, but the amazing volunteers who were working with me were very organized and efficient. We managed to get all the runners who had registered in advance their bibs in time for the start. Sadly, we also had to announce to some runners who wanted to register on race day that all the bibs had been assigned and that we had no more bibs left to sell. Still, a few last-minute bib exchanges happened for some confirmed no-shows. So, considering the unexpected circumstances I believe I can say that the number of happy runners was maximized :-).  I was also very excited to learn after the event that the runners who participated in the free pre-race training sessions had a successful race.  They all crossed the finish line with a smile on their face and two even got a personal best while the other earned a medal in the 60-69 age category! Two teammates and a fellow coach from my track & field club (Norwesters) also did very well!
You can find the results of the 2015 West Van race here:  http://racedaytiming.ca/results/2015WestVanRun10K#.VPTKVC7K7fs  
 In order to celebrate the success of the West Van Run, I have decided to create a special contest. 
 All people registered for my newsletter by March 9th, 2015 will receive a 50% discount code for compression socks AND will be entered for the chance to win a free month of training.  

Just sign up for my newsletter using the form on the right side of this page and I will announce the winner by email and on social media on March 10th!